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Male Dog Names Start With U

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Here is the list of good male dog names that start with the letter U. This is page 1 of 1. This page includes Uday, Udell, Udit, and more.

The names are in various origin. For example, Uday and Udell are on this page. The Uday is in Indian origin. And, Udell is in English origin.

The list includes the meaning of each name. For example, Uday and Udell. Uday means To rise. And, Udell means Yew tree valley.

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Uday Indian To rise M
Udell English Yew tree valley M
Udit Sanskrit Ascended M
Udo African Time of peace M
Ugo German Mind, heart or spirit M
Uilleam German Will, desire + helmet, protection M
Ulani Hawaiian Delightful M
Ulf German Protector of the inheritance M
Ulises Greek Walker M
Ulric German Prosperity, fortune, power M
Ulrich German Powerful through his inheritance M
Ulysses Greek Walker M
Umberto German Famous giant M
Upendra Sanskrit Younger sibling of Indra M
Upton English Uptown M
Urban Latin From the city M
Uri Hebrew My flame M
Urian Welsh M
Urien Welsh Privileged birth M
Uttam Sanskrit Excellent M

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