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Male Dog Names Start With S

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Here is the list of good male dog names that start with the letter S. This is page 1 of 8. This page includes Sabastian, Sacha, Sachin, and more.

The names are in various origin. For example, Sabastian and Sacha are on this page. The Sabastian is in Latin origin. And, Sacha is in Greek origin.

The list includes the meaning of each name. For example, Sabastian and Sacha. Sabastian means Man from Sebaste. And, Sacha means Protector of man.

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Sabastian Latin Man from Sebaste M
Sacha Greek Protector of man M
Sachin Sanskrit Essence M
Saeed Arabic Fortunate, blissful, lucky M
Sagar Indian Ruler of the water M
Sagiv Hebrew Mighty M
Sahib Punjabi Master, the master M
Sal Italian Saviour M
Saluki Ancient Egyptian noble M
Salvador Latin Saviour M
Sam Hebrew he is called god M
Saman Arabic Well-known M
Samir Arabic Pleasant companion M
Samson Hebrew Sun M
Samudra Sanskrit The ocean M
Samuel American heard by God M
Samy Hebrew variant of Sam M
Sanat Indian Perpetual M
Sancho Latin sacred M
Sanders Greek Defending men M
Sandro Greek Defending men M
Sanford English Sand ford M
Sani Indian Saturn M
Sanjay Sanskrit Triumphant M
Sanjeev Sanskrit Reviving M

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