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Male Dog Names Start With G

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Here is the list of good male dog names that start with the letter G. This is page 1 of 5. This page includes Gabai, Gabe, Gad, and more.

The names are in various origin. For example, Gabai and Gabe are on this page. The Gabai is in Hebrew origin. And, Gabe is in Hebrew origin.

The list includes the meaning of each name. For example, Gabai and Gabe. Gabai means Public official. And, Gabe means God is my might.

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Gabai Hebrew Public official M
Gabe Hebrew God is my might M
Gad Hebrew Fortune M
Gaetan Latin From Gaëta M
Gaetano Italian From Gaeta M
Gafna Hebrew Vine M
Gaige English Measurer M
Galen Greek Calm M
Galeno Spanish Clever liitle child M
Gallagher Gaelic Brave, valiant M
Galloway Gaelic Foreign Gaels M
Galvin Gaelic Sparrows M
Gaman Indian Journey M
Gamba African Water tortoise M
Gandalf English wand elf M
Gannon Gaelic White, fair-haired M
Gardner English Gardener M
Gareth Welsh gentle M
Garett German Strength of the spear M
Garland English Garland-maker M
Garner French Protect M
Garnet Latin Grain M
Garret German Strength of the spear M
Garrett German Strength of the spear M
Garrick German Spear M

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