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Female Dog Names Start With F

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Here is the list of good female dog names that start with the letter F. This is page 1 of 3. This page includes Fabiana, Fabienne, Faiga, and more.

The names are in various origin. For example, Fabiana and Fabienne are on this page. The Fabiana is in Latin origin. And, Fabienne is in Latin origin.

The list includes the meaning of each name. For example, Fabiana and Fabienne. Fabiana means A bean. And, Fabienne means A bean.

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Fabiana Latin A bean F
Fabienne Latin A bean F
Faiga Yiddish Bird F
Fairlee English Lovely wood F
Faith English Faith F
Faizah Arabic Successful F
Fala Native American Crow F
Falguni Indian Born in Falgun F
Fallon Gaelic Leader F
Fancy English Elaborate F
Fantine Latin Child F
Farrah Arabic Joyful F
Fausta Latin Lucky F
Faustine Latin Lucky F
Fawn English Young deer F
Fay English Fairy F
Faye English Fairy F
Fayola African Fortunate, lucky, honorable F
Femi African Love me F
Fenella Gaelic White Shoulder F
Feng Chinese Wind F
Fern English Fern plant F
Fernanda German peaceful venture F
Fia Italian Flame F
Fidelia Italian Loyal F

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