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Dog Names With Welsh Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Aelwen Welsh Blessed brow F
Andras Welsh Grace F
Arwen Welsh Fair, fine F
Avalon Welsh Apple tree M
Betha Welsh Attached to god F
Blodwyn Welsh Blessed flowers F
Bowen Welsh Son of Owen M
Bran Welsh Raven M
Brenna Welsh Hill F
Briallen Welsh Primrose F
Broderick Welsh Reddish-brown M
Bronwen Welsh White-breasted F
Bronwyn Welsh White breast F
Bryn Welsh Hill F
Brynn Welsh Hill U
Caradoc Welsh Beloved F
Carys Welsh Love F
Daren Welsh Burnt land M
Darin Welsh Burnt land M
Daron Welsh M
Darren Welsh Burnt land M
Darrin Welsh Burnt land M
Del Welsh Pretty U
Devaughn Welsh Small M
Dillon Welsh M

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