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Dog Names With Vietnamese Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Binh Vietnamese Peace and peaceful M
Chi Vietnamese Tree twig or branch M
Dinh Vietnamese Top M
Duc Vietnamese Sincere M
Hang Vietnamese Moon F
Hanh Vietnamese Right conduct F
Hien Vietnamese Friendly U
Hieu Vietnamese Admire M
Hoang Vietnamese Performed M
Hue Vietnamese Lily F
Huong Vietnamese Pink F
Khuong Vietnamese Be helpful U
Linh Vietnamese Spring F
Loc Vietnamese Fortune M
Ly Vietnamese Lion U
Minh Vietnamese Intelligent, clever M
Nam Vietnamese Southern M
Nu Vietnamese Trustful F
Phuoc Vietnamese Capable M
Tao Vietnamese Apple M
Thai Vietnamese Various M
Thanh Vietnamese Bright, clear blue M
Thao Vietnamese F
Thi Vietnamese Poem F
Thu Vietnamese Autumn U

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