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Dog Names With Spanish Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abejundio Spanish Bee M
Aintzane Spanish Glory F
Alameda Spanish Poplar tree F
Alta Spanish Tall U
Amaya Spanish High place F
angeles Spanish Messengers U
Blanca Spanish White F
Bonita Spanish Pretty F
Brisa Spanish Breeze F
Cavalier Spanish derive from Caballero which means horseman M
Chia Spanish variant of Lucia which means bright light F
Cielo Spanish Heaven F
Consuela Spanish Solace F
Consuelo Spanish Solace M
Coraima Spanish F
Cortez Spanish In triumph M
Cruz Spanish Cross M
Delora Spanish Sorrows F
Delores Spanish Sorrows F
Dinero Spanish money M
Dolores Spanish Sorrows F
Emelda Spanish Entire battle F
Esperanza Spanish Hope F
Fernando Spanish Intelligent and brave M
Flor Spanish Flower F

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