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Dog Names With Sanskrit Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abha Sanskrit Splendour F
Abhay Sanskrit Without fear M
Abhi Sanskrit Fearless M
Abhijit Sanskrit Victorious M
Abhilasha Sanskrit Desire, wish F
Abhinav Sanskrit Young M
Abhishek Sanskrit Installed as king M
Achal Sanskrit The immovable one F
Achyuta Sanskrit Firm, immovable, imperishable M
Adishree Sanskrit Exalted dignity F
Aditi Sanskrit Boundless F
Aditya Sanskrit Belonging to Aditi M
Ahimsa Sanskrit Harmless F
Ajit Sanskrit Invincible M
Akshita Sanskrit Permanent F
Akuti Sanskrit Intention F
Amandeep Sanskrit Sharp witted F
Ambar Sanskrit Heaven F
Amil Sanskrit Unreachable M
Amol Sanskrit Priceless M
Amrit Sanskrit Immortal M
Amrita Sanskrit Immortal F
Amul Sanskrit Priceless, of inestimable worth M
Anand Sanskrit Happiness M
Ananda Sanskrit Blissful F

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