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Dog Names With Persian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Afra Persian Praise F
Anahi Persian The immaculate F
Bahar Persian Spring of life M
Caspar Persian Treasurer M
Casper Persian Treasurer M
Cy Persian Sun M
Cyrus Persian Sun M
Dadu Persian beloved one U
Daria Persian Maintain well F
Dario Persian Maintain well M
Darius Persian Maintain well M
Darrius Persian Maintain well M
Esta Persian Star F
Esther Persian Star F
Gaspar Persian Treasure keeper M
Gasper Persian variant of Jasper which means treasurer M
Gul Persian Rose M
Hester Persian Star F
Jasmyn Persian Jasmine F
Jasper Persian Treasurer M
Jazmyn Persian Jasmine F
Kaspar Persian Treasurer M
kasper Persian Treasurer U
Ladarius Persian Maintain well M
Lala Persian Tulip F

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