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Dog Names With Norse Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Alva Norse Elf F
Alvis Norse all wise F
Aric Norse Eternal ruler M
Astrid Norse God + fair, beautiful F
Bjorn Norse Bear M
Brede Norse Poleaxe U
Brenda Norse Sword F
Canute Norse Knot M
Crosby Norse Dweller at the farm near the cross M
Dag Norse Day M
Dagna Norse New day F
Dagny Norse New day F
Darby Norse Deer settlement F
Dustin Norse stone of Thor U
Dusty Norse stone of Thor U
Edda Norse great-grandmother F
Egil Norse Sword M
Egor Norse means yew tree or bow army. The wood yew is used to make bows. M
Einar Norse Lone warrior M
Eric Norse Eternal ruler M
Erica Norse Eternal ruler F
Erich Norse Eternal ruler M
Erick Norse Eternal ruler M
Ericka Norse Eternal ruler F
Erik Norse Eternal ruler M

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