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Dog Names With Latin Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abril Latin Open F
Ace Latin One M
Adora Latin Loved child F
Adrian Latin From Hadria M
Adriana Latin From Hadria F
Adrianna Latin From Hadria F
Adrianne Latin From Hadria F
Adriano Latin From Hadria M
Adrien Latin From Hadria M
Adrienne Latin From Hadria F
Agostino Latin Venerated M
Alaura Latin Bay tree, laurel. F
Alban Latin From the city Alba M
Albin Latin White M
Albina Latin White F
Albinka Latin White F
albus Latin White U
Aleron Latin Eagle M
Alvita Latin Charismatic F
Amador Latin One who loves M
Amanda Latin She who must be loved F
Amata Latin Beloved F
Amato Latin Beloved M
Amor Latin Love U
Amos Latin love F

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