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Dog Names With Japanese Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Ai Japanese Love F
Aiko Japanese Love child F
Akako Japanese Red child F
Aki Japanese born in Autumn or Fall season F
Akio Japanese Bright man M
Akira Japanese Intelligent M
Ayame Japanese Iris F
bachi Japanese Taiko drumsticks U
Botan Japanese Peony M
Chika Japanese A thousand summers F
eiji Japanese Two protectors U
Emiko Japanese Child graced with beauty F
fujiko Japanese Wisteria child U
Genji Japanese Two beginnings F
Gin Japanese silver F
Goro Japanese Fifth son M
Hachi Japanese Wise leaf F
Hachiko Japanese wise leaf or loyalty symbol F
Hana Japanese Flower F
Haru Japanese Sunshine M
Haruki Japanese Spring wood M
Haruko Japanese Spring child M
Hibiki Japanese Echo M
Hiroko Japanese Broad-minded child F
Hiroshi Japanese Generous M

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