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Dog Names With Italian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Allegra Italian Happy, jaunty F
Bambi Italian Little girl F
bambina Italian Little girl U
Bellanca Italian blond F
Bianca Italian White F
Bravo Italian excellent, praise, approval, or courageous M
Byanca Italian white or pure F
Cason Italian House M
Ciro Italian Royal M
Demonte Italian Of the mountain M
Donna Italian Lady F
Ennio Italian Ennius M
Fia Italian Flame F
Fidelia Italian Loyal F
Fiorella Italian Flower F
Fiorello Italian Tiny flower M
Fonda Italian M
Gaetano Italian From Gaeta M
Ghita Italian Sparkle F
Grazia Italian Grace F
Kaiser Italian emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, Austria, or Germany M
Ladonna Italian Lady F
Madonna Italian My lady F
Natalia Italian Christ's birthday F
Natalie Italian Christ's birthday F

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