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Dog Names With Indian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Adhira Indian Restless, impatient F
Aja Indian Goat F
Ajatashatru Indian With no enemies M
Ajitabh Indian Conquerer of the sky M
Alagan Indian Good looking M
Alisha Indian Protected by god F
Alok Indian Cry of triumph M
Ameya Indian Vast U
Amish Indian Truthful M
Amiya Indian Delight F
Anant Indian Eternal M
Anish Indian The ultimate M
Ankit Indian Damaged M
Anshuman Indian Center of planetary system M
Arav Indian Calm, peaceful M
Archana Indian Worship M
Arjun Indian White M
Aruna Indian Rust-coloured F
Ashutosh Indian Lord shiva M
Ayushmati Indian Eternal one F
Ayushmati Indian Eternal one F
Ballari Indian Climbing grape plant F
Balram Indian Brother of Krishna M
Barid Indian Visible body of very fine water droplets M
Chaman Indian Yard M

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