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Dog Names With Hawaiian Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Alaula Hawaiian Light of early dawn F
Aolani Hawaiian Heavenly cloud F
Iolani Hawaiian Bird of heaven F
Kahoku Hawaiian The star M
Kailani Hawaiian The sea and the sky F
Kaipo Hawaiian The sweetheart M
Kalama Hawaiian The torch, the light, the lamp F
Kalani Hawaiian The heaven U
Kalei Hawaiian The wreath of flowers U
Kaleo Hawaiian The voice M
Kamea Hawaiian Sweet darling F
Kana Hawaiian Name of a demi-god M
kani Hawaiian Music U
Kanoa Hawaiian The free one M
Kapono Hawaiian The righteous M
Kawena Hawaiian The glow F
Keahi Hawaiian The fire U
Keala Hawaiian The path, the road F
Keiki Hawaiian Child, offspring, descendant F
Kela Hawaiian princess F
Keola Hawaiian The life, the health, the well-being F
Kiele Hawaiian Gardenia F
Kimi Hawaiian Pet form of Kimberley F
Konane Hawaiian Bright moonlight, to shine F
Lani Hawaiian Sky or heaven F

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