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Dog Names With English Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Ackley English Division of land, field M
Acton English Oak town M
Addison English Son of Adam M
Adley English Son of Adam M
Adolfina English Noble wolf F
Adolfo English Noble wolf M
Adolph English Noble wolf M
Africa English Africa F
Afton English From the River Afton F
Aggie English F
aggy English U
Al English M
Alcott English Old cottage M
Alden English Old friend M
Aldon English Old friend M
alfie English U
Alfie English variant of Alfred which means elf counsel U
Alfred English Elf counsel M
Alfredo English Elf counsel M
Alger English Elf spear M
Alston English Noble/elf/old/shrine + stone M
Alton English Old town M
Alvin English Friend of elves M
Amberly English Amber M
Ambria English Amber F

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