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Dog Names With Chinese Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
An Chinese Peace F
Bao Chinese Precious treasure M
Cong Chinese Intelligent U
Dong Chinese From the east M
Fai Chinese Growth M
fang Chinese Fragrant U
Feng Chinese Wind F
Hao Chinese The good U
Hong Chinese Red F
Hung Chinese Wonderful M
Jie Chinese Prominent and successful U
Jin Chinese Gold F
Jun Chinese Truthful F
Kong Chinese Empty, hollow, void M
Lan Chinese Orchid F
Lei Chinese Flower bud F
Liang Chinese Good, excellent M
Lien Chinese Lotus F
Ling Chinese Delicate F
Mai Chinese Ocean or elegance F
Mei Chinese The youngest of sisters F
Min Chinese Quick, sensitive F
Ping Chinese Fair U
Sen Chinese Forest F
Shen Chinese Spirit, deep though M

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