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Dog Names With American Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abrianna American A combined with Brianna F
Adiana American F
Aero American brand of chocolate with airy bubbles in the middle U
Aiyana American F
Ale American beer F
Alivia American F
Almond American a nut with orange and wood texture. The nut can be eaten fresh, raw, roasted, blanched, smoked, and salted. You can also extract the oil. The sweet almonds are used in various food, desserts, and syrup. M
Amari American F
Amber American color amber F
Angelia American Angelic F
Arizona American F
Arlene American F
Astro American dog name of a family cartoon sitcom called Jetsons M
Baby American Baby U
Badger American burrowing mammals M
Bagel American boiled and baked yeast dough in a donut shapped food or breed with firm and tough texture F
Banana American a yellow, moon shaped, and tropical fruit or food. U
Barky American likes to bark M
Barney American mascot of Sea Dog Brewery M
Batman American a comic book superhero who is Bruce Wayne a billionaire industrialist and with bat suit and gadgets M
Bean American an edible and nutritious seed or food in the legume family M
Bear American looks like a bear U
Black American color black U
Blacky American black fur M
Brio American spirit, life, or vigor M

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