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Dog Names With African Origin

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Name Origin Meaning Sex
Abeni African We asked for this child, now she is ours F
Abiona African Born during a trip F
Adamma African Beautiful girl F
Ade African Peak, pinnacle, royal M
Adeben African The twelfth born M
Adeola African The crown has virtue and respect F
Adesina African She opens the way F
Adia African Being a gift F
Afia African Given life on a Friday F
Ajani African He fights for what is his M
Akanke African Lovable at first meeting F
Akello African First child after twins M
Alake African One to be cuddled F
Amadi African Appeared destined to die at birth M
Amina African Peaceful, secure F
Apara African One who comes and goes F
Asabi African Of special birth F
Asha African life F
Ashanti African powerful African empire from 17th century to 20th century U
Ayana African Beautiful blossom F
Ayanna African Beautiful blossom F
Ayoka African A joy bringer F
Azuka African Decisive F
Azuka African Decisive F
Baako African The first born F

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