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Dog Names Start With Letter W

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Wagner German One who makes wagons M
Wakanda Native American Supernatural power F
Wakefield English From damp land M
Walda German Ruler F
Waldemar German Famous ruler M
Walden English Peasant's valley M
Waldo German Ruler M
Waldron English Leader M
Walker English A fuller M
Wallace French Foreigner M
Wallis French Foreigner U
Wally German Ruler of the army M
Walt German Ruler of the army M
Walter German Ruler of the army M
Walton English Foreigner M
Waltraud German Battlefield F
Wanda Slavonic F
Waneta Native American Charger F
Ward English Watchman, guard M
Warner German Protecting army M
Warren German Guard M
Warrick German Protector and ruler M
Waseme Swahili Let them talk F
Washi Japanese Eagle M
Washington English Settlement associated with Wassa M

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