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Dog Names Start With Letter L

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Lacey English Lacy F
Lachlan Gaelic Warrior from the Land of the Lochs U
Laci English Lacy F
Lacie English Lacy F
Lacy English Lacy F
Ladarius Persian Maintain well M
Ladislav Slavonic Glorious rule M
Ladonna Italian Lady F
lady English Lady U
Laertes Greek M
Lager American light beer F
Lahela Hebrew Ewe F
Laila Arabic Dark beauty F
Lainey Greek Torch F
Laird English Lord M
Laisha American F
Lajos German Fame and war M
Lakeisha Arabic Alive, She who lives F
Laken English U
Lakeshia Arabic Alive, She who lives F
Lakota Native American ally or friend U
Laksha Indian White coloured rose F
Lakshman Sanskrit Having (auspicious) marks M
Lakshya Sanskrit Aim M
Lala Persian Tulip F

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