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Dog Names Start With Letter J

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Jabari Arabic Comforter, consoler M
Jabulani African Come to bring happiness to everybody M
Jace Greek Healer U
Jacey Greek Healer U
Jacinda Greek Hyacinth F
Jacinta Greek Hyacinth F
Jacinthe Greek Hyacinth F
Jack Hebrew God is gracious M
Jackie Hebrew variant of Jacqueline which means supplanter F
Jacklyn Hebrew Supplanter F
Jackson English Jack's son M
Jaclyn Hebrew Supplanter F
Jacob Hebrew Supplanter M
Jacoby Hebrew Supplanter M
Jacqueline Hebrew Supplanter F
Jacquelyn Hebrew Supplanter F
Jacques Hebrew Supplanter M
Jacquez American M
Jacqui Hebrew Supplanter F
Jacy Greek Healer M
Jade English Precious green stone F
Jaeden American M
Jaeger German Huntsman M
Jael Hebrew God&rsquo F
Jaelyn American F

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