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Dog Names Start With Letter H

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Hachi Japanese Wise leaf F
Hachiko Japanese wise leaf or loyalty symbol F
Hackett English Hooked nose M
Hada Spanish Noble spirit F
Hadar Hebrew Splendour M
Hadara Hebrew Splendour F
Hadassa Hebrew Myrtle tree F
Hadassah Hebrew Myrtle tree F
Haden English Valley with hay M
hades Greek U
Hadley English Field of heather M
Hadrian Latin From Hadria M
Hagan German Enclosure M
Hagen German Enclosure M
Hahn German A rooster M
Hailee English Hay clearing or hay woods F
Hailey English Hay clearing or hay woods F
Hailie English Hay clearing or hay woods F
Haines English Hawthorn tree M
Hakan Turkish Emperor M
Hakeem Arabic Wise or insightful M
Hal English Leader of an army M
hala Arabic Halo around the moon U
Halden German Someone who lives on a high slope M
Haldis Norse Weapon of the goddess F

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