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Dog Names Start With Letter D

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Dacey Gaelic Of the Decies F
Dacia Latin From Dacia F
Dadu Persian beloved one U
daffodil Dutch The asphodel U
Dafydd Hebrew Beloved M
Dag Norse Day M
Dagan Hebrew Grain M
Dagmar German Dear + great F
Dagna Norse New day F
Dagny Norse New day F
Dahlia English Dweller in the valley F
Dai Hebrew Beloved F
Daija French Already F
Daire Gaelic Fertile M
Daisha Arabic Alive, She who lives F
Daisy English a leafy herd with long white ray flowers and yellow center which symbolizes the days eye or eye of the day F
Daja French Already F
Dakarai African Child brings joy, happiness M
Dakota Native American friend or ally F
Daksha Sanskrit Competent F
Dakshesh Sanskrit Ruler of Daksa M
Dale English Dweller in the valley M
dali Arabic Grape vines U
Dalia English Dweller in the valley F
Dalila Swahili Gentleness F

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