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Dog Names Start With Letter C

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Cable English Rope M
Cadbury English brand of chocolate U
Cade English Round, lumpy M
Cadee American F
Caden English U
Cadence English Rhythm F
Cady American rhythmic flow of sounds F
Caedmon Gaelic Wise warrior M
Caelan Gaelic Slender F
Caesar Latin head of hair M
Caiden English M
Cailean Gaelic Dove F
Cain Hebrew A spear M
Caine English Reed, cane U
Caitlyn Gaelic Pure F
Caitlynn Gaelic Pure F
Caius Latin Rejoice M
Cal French Bald U
Calandra Greek Beautiful youth F
Calantha Greek Beautiful flower F
Caldwell English Cold stream M
Cale Gaelic slender M
Caleb Hebrew Dog M
Caledonia Latin F
Caleigh Gaelic Descendant of Caollaidhe F

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