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Dog Names Start With Letter B

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Baako African The first born F
Baba African Thursday born F
babby Greek Foreign, strange U
Babette Hebrew My God is a vow F
babs Greek Foreign, strange U
Baby American Baby U
bacchus Greek To shout U
bachi Japanese Taiko drumsticks U
Bade English Battle M
Badger American burrowing mammals M
Badu African Tenth F
Bae Korean Inspiration M
Bagel American boiled and baked yeast dough in a donut shapped food or breed with firm and tough texture F
Bahar Persian Spring of life M
Bailee English Bailiff F
Bailey English Bailiff M
Baina African Glittering F
Baird Gaelic Poet M
Bakarne Basque Solitude F
Baker English A baker M
Balbina Latin Stuttering F
baldrick German Bold ruler U
Baldwin German Brave friend M
Bale Frisian Bold M
Bali Swahili On the contrary M

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