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Dog Names Meaning Wood

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Ainsley Gaelic Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood F
Ainslie Gaelic Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood F
Almond American a nut with orange and wood texture. The nut can be eaten fresh, raw, roasted, blanched, smoked, and salted. You can also extract the oil. The sweet almonds are used in various food, desserts, and syrup. M
Ansley Gaelic Hermitage in or at the clearing or wood M
Aran Thai Wood M
Arley English Eagle wood M
Arvid Swedish Eagle of the woods U
Ashlee English Ash wood F
Ashleigh English Ash wood F
Ashley English Ash wood F
Ashlie English Ash wood F
Ashly English Ash wood F
Boyce English One who lives by a wood M
Bradley English Broad wood M
Bradly English Broad wood M
Cheney French Oak wood M
chesney French Oak wood U
Dominos American rectangular wood or plastic in black or white with dots on each half M
Dudley English Wood or clearing of Dudda M
Eboni English Ebony wood F
Ebony English Ebony wood F
Egor Norse means yew tree or bow army. The wood yew is used to make bows. M
Elwood English old noble wood M
Fairlee English Lovely wood F
Hailee English Hay clearing or hay woods F

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