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Dog Names Meaning White

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Albin Latin White M
Albina Latin White F
Albinka Latin White F
albus Latin White U
Alenoush Armenian Sweet white wave U
Arjun Indian White M
Bianca Italian White F
Blanca Spanish White F
Blanche French White F
Bronwen Welsh White-breasted F
Bronwyn Welsh White breast F
Butler English He who heads the house servants usually wears black and white formal wear M
Byanca Italian white or pure F
Candace Greek Fire-white F
Candice Greek Fire-white F
Candida Latin Snowwhite F
Candide Latin White U
Candie Greek Fire-white F
Checkers American black and white board game U
Cotton Ball American means soft and white as a cotton. It is cute name for white fluffy dog. U
Daisy English a leafy herd with long white ray flowers and yellow center which symbolizes the days eye or eye of the day F
Dewitt Dutch The white one M
Dhaval Sanskrit White, pure white M
Dominos American rectangular wood or plastic in black or white with dots on each half M
Fenella Gaelic White Shoulder F

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