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Dog Names Meaning Warrior

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Andie Greek Man, warrior F
Andra Greek Man, warrior F
Andre Greek Man, warrior M
Andrea Greek Man, warrior U
Andreana Greek Man, warrior F
Andreas Greek Man, warrior M
Andrey Greek Man, warrior M
Andria Greek Man, warrior F
Andy Greek Man, warrior M
Caedmon Gaelic Wise warrior M
Calhoun English Warrior M
Clovis German Famed warrior F
Deandra Greek Man, warrior F
Dustin English brave warrior M
Dusty English variant of Dustin which means brave warrior M
Einar Norse Lone warrior M
Findlay Gaelic Fair warrior M
Finlay Gaelic Fair warrior M
Finley Gaelic Fair warrior M
Hall Norse Warrior M
Humphrey German Peaceful warrior M
Igor Norse Warrior archer M
Jedrek Greek Man, warrior M
Kemp English Battler, fighter, warrior M
Lachlan Gaelic Warrior from the Land of the Lochs U

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