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Dog Names Meaning Sweet

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Alenoush Armenian Sweet white wave U
Almond American a nut with orange and wood texture. The nut can be eaten fresh, raw, roasted, blanched, smoked, and salted. You can also extract the oil. The sweet almonds are used in various food, desserts, and syrup. M
Anoush Armenian Sweet F
Blanda Latin Sweet, friendly F
Caramel American melted sugar with heat. The sugar transform to a delicious food and sweet syrup in which the color ranges from beige to dark brown. F
Darlene French sweetheart F
Dulce Latin Sweet F
Dulcea Latin Sweet F
Dulcinea Latin Sweet F
Honey English sweet fluid which derived from flower nectar by honey bees is often sweetener to various dishes, food, desserts, and drinks. F
Jarah Hebrew One who gives sweetness U
Kaipo Hawaiian The sweetheart M
Kamea Hawaiian Sweet darling F
Madhu Sanskrit Sweet F
Madhur Sanskrit Sweet F
Madhuri Sanskrit Sweet F
Mandisa African Sweet F
Mango American oblong shape fruit of cashew family with yellow-red skin, big central seed, yellow pulpy flesh, and sweet aroma F
Marzipan German a popular German confection or food which is created from bitter almonds paste, egg white, and sweeteners. F
shade African Sweetly singing U
Shirin Persian Sweet, charming F
Shirina Persian Sweet, charming F
Skittles American sweet, small, and round candy in various food colorings and flavorings. U

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