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Dog Names Meaning Small

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Ayasha Native American Small one F
Booth English Small house M
Ciqala Native American Small one U
Cookie American small flat baked food which is usually made of milk, eggs, flour, and sugar U
Cupcake Afghan small cake or food in thin paper. It is top with frosting, sprinkles, and decorations. F
Devaughn Welsh Small M
Heller German Small medieval coin M
Kahn German Small boat M
Kanoni Swahili Type of small bird F
Muffin American baked cake in small food portions U
Musetta French Small bagpipe F
Pablo Latin Small M
Paola Latin Small F
Patches American small portion of something on a larger thing. It probably pertains to the spots all over body. U
Paul Latin Small M
Paula Latin Small F
Paulette Latin Small F
Paulina Latin Small F
Pauline Latin Small F
Paulo Latin Small M
Pavel Latin Small M
Peewee English extremely small U
Puff English a small breath of air U
Skittles American sweet, small, and round candy in various food colorings and flavorings. U
Tiny American small or short U

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