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Dog Names Meaning Power

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Aimery German Bravery and power M
Alarice German Noble power F
America German Ever-powerful in battle U
Amory German Bravery and power F
Arnaldo German Powerful eagle M
Arnaud German Powerful eagle M
Arnie English Powerful eagle M
Arnold German Powerful eagle M
Ashanti African powerful African empire from 17th century to 20th century U
Balin Sanskrit Powerful, strong M
Bedelia Gaelic Power, strength F
Bidelia Gaelic Power, strength F
Cathal Gaelic Powerful in battle M
Dick English Strong power M
Dixie English Strong power M
Edric English Power M
Hermelinda German Powerful with the shield F
Imaran Indian Powerful M
Jelani African Great, powerful M
Lun Irish strong power M
Mathilda German Powerful battler F
Mathilde German Powerful battler F
Matilda German Powerful battler F
Matilde German Powerful battler F
Mattie German Powerful battler F

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