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Dog Names Meaning King

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abhishek Sanskrit Installed as king M
Alagan Indian Good looking M
Amar Arabic Making a home M
Aubree English Elfin king F
Aubrey German Elfin king F
Aubrie English Elfin king F
Balthasar Phoenician God or Lord protect the king M
Balthazar Phoenician God or Lord protect the king M
Balto English God protects the king M
Bandit Afghan pertains to the black markings on the face that resembles a robber M
Bazyli Latin Kingly M
Bhupen Sanskrit King of the world M
China English Qin's kingdom F
Chyna English Qin's kingdom F
Daruka Sanskrit Breaking M
Dharmendra Sanskrit King of Dharma M
Elroy French The king M
Finch English bird with stout bill for cracking seeds U
Ganesa Sanskrit King of the ganas [troops] F
General English A high ranking officer in the military U
Ginger Latin a yellow wrinkly and spicy root for cooking, delicacy, food, or medicine F
Girish Sanskrit King of the mountain M
Harika Turkish Good-looking F
Kenny Gaelic Good looking M
King English King's forest clearing M

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