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Dog Names Meaning Great

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
apple English a fruit in the size of baseball which is usually yellow, red, orange, green, or combination in colors. Unlike any fruit or food, it is low in Vitamin C. However, it greatly lowers the risk of health problems. U
Ashwin Sanskrit Of great wealth M
Ashwini Sanskrit Of great wealth M
Brandy English fermented juice of grapes, apples, plums, and peaches. It is great complement with varios food dishes. F
Coco French short form of coconut. The water is great food source of isotonic electrolyte balance. U
Dagmar German Dear + great F
Denali Native American The great one F
Edda Norse great-grandmother F
Eyota Native American Great, greater, greatest F
Grant French Great M
Hitendra Sanskrit Greatest of all benefactors M
Ishita Sanskrit Greatness F
Jelani African Great, powerful M
Kesi Swahili Born at time of great trouble for father F
Magnus Latin Great M
Mahabala Sanskrit Of great strength M
Mahesh Sanskrit Great ruler M
mahi Sanskrit The great U
Major Latin Greater M
Maxim Latin The greatest M
Maxime Latin The greatest F
Maximos Latin The greatest M
Maximus Latin The greatest M
Maya Greek mother or great one F
Mya Greek mother or great one F

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