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Dog Names Meaning Good

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Agatha Greek Good F
Alagan Indian Good looking M
Bona Latin Good F
Boone French Good M
Bud English close or good friend M
Buddy English variant of Bud which means good friend M
Chance English Good fortune M
Declan Gaelic Full of goodness M
Dobry Polish Good, kind M
Edgar English Protector of the good M
Edgardo English Protector of the good M
Eudocia Greek Good present F
Eudora Greek Good gift F
Eunice Greek Good victory F
Evangelia Greek Good news F
Evangeline Greek Good news F
Gitel Yiddish Good F
Gittel Yiddish Good F
Glenda Welsh Clean and good F
Grace Latin Good will F
Gracie Latin Good will F
Hao Chinese The good U
Harika Turkish Good-looking F
Harith Arabic Good provider M
Isoke African Good gift from the Lord F

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