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Dog Names Meaning Friend

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Alden English Old friend M
Aldon English Old friend M
Alvin English Friend of elves M
Ames French Friend F
Amissa Hebrew Friend F
Amit Hebrew Friend M
Amita Hebrew Friend F
Amity English Friendship F
Arwin German friend of the army M
Audun Norwegian Wealthy friend M
Baldwin German Brave friend M
Bellamy French Fine friend M
Blanda Latin Sweet, friendly F
Bud English close or good friend M
Buddy English variant of Bud which means good friend M
Cara Gaelic Friend F
Dakota Native American friend or ally F
Darwin English Dear friend M
Edwin English Rich friend M
Edwina English Rich friend F
Elvina English Friend of elves F
Elwyn English Friend of elves F
Erwin German friend of the army M
Hien Vietnamese Friendly U
irwin English Boar friend U

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