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Dog Names Meaning Food

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Almond American a nut with orange and wood texture. The nut can be eaten fresh, raw, roasted, blanched, smoked, and salted. You can also extract the oil. The sweet almonds are used in various food, desserts, and syrup. M
apple English a fruit in the size of baseball which is usually yellow, red, orange, green, or combination in colors. Unlike any fruit or food, it is low in Vitamin C. However, it greatly lowers the risk of health problems. U
Bagel American boiled and baked yeast dough in a donut shapped food or breed with firm and tough texture F
Banana American a yellow, moon shaped, and tropical fruit or food. U
Bean American an edible and nutritious seed or food in the legume family M
Biscuit English pale brown cookie, cracker, treat, or food U
Brandy English fermented juice of grapes, apples, plums, and peaches. It is great complement with varios food dishes. F
Brownie American variant of Brown which means Fur is brown in color. It is also a delicious baked food which is chocolate cake with chocolate glazed and nuts at the top. M
Bubblegum American a chewable food that does not break. It comes in many flavors like mint and fruits. F
Caramel American melted sugar with heat. The sugar transform to a delicious food and sweet syrup in which the color ranges from beige to dark brown. F
Cherry English usually a red fruit in which the juice is consider as superfood. F
Chocolate American a confection from Cacao which is one of the favorite food for snacks or desserts. U
Cinnamon Greek an aromatic spice from the bark of Cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is the major ingredient for the popular baked food called cinnamon bun. F
Coco French short form of coconut. The water is great food source of isotonic electrolyte balance. U
Coffee American food or beverage from roasted coffee beans F
Cookie American small flat baked food which is usually made of milk, eggs, flour, and sugar U
Cupcake Afghan small cake or food in thin paper. It is top with frosting, sprinkles, and decorations. F
Fufu African boiled and pounded yam, plantain, or casava food of West Africa F
Ginger Latin a yellow wrinkly and spicy root for cooking, delicacy, food, or medicine F
Honey English sweet fluid which derived from flower nectar by honey bees is often sweetener to various dishes, food, desserts, and drinks. F
Jellybean American kidney bean shaped confectionary food in various fruit flavors and beautiful colors. U
Kasim Arabic Dispenser of food and goods M
Marmalade American fruit or food preserve made of citrus fruits F
Marshmallow American spongy and soft confection food which is made of gelatin, syrup, and flavorings. U
Marzipan German a popular German confection or food which is created from bitter almonds paste, egg white, and sweeteners. F

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