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Dog Names Meaning Bright

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Adelbert German Nobly bright M
Agalia Greek Brightness, joy, gaiety F
Akio Japanese Bright man M
Anwar Arabic Clear, bright M
argos Greek Bright U
Argus Greek Bright M
Berdine German Bright maiden F
Bert German Bright M
Berthold German Bright ruler M
Bhaskar Sanskrit Bright light M
Bob German Bright fame M
Bobbi German Bright fame F
Bobbie German Bright fame F
Bobby German Bright fame U
Brighton English Bright settlement M
Burt German Bright M
Chia Spanish variant of Lucia which means bright light F
Clarisa Latin Bright, clear F
Eleni Greek Bright, shining one F
Elgan Welsh Bright M
Ellie Greek bright light F
Filbert German Much brightness M
Fulbright German Much brightness M
Gilbert German Bright oath M
Gilberto German Bright oath M

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