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Dog Names Meaning Brave

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Aimery German Bravery and power M
Allard German Noble and hardy/brave M
Amory German Bravery and power F
Areli Hebrew Brave F
Arely Hebrew Brave F
Arion Greek Braver M
Baldwin German Brave friend M
Barend German Bear brave M
Barnard German Bear-brave M
Barrett German Bear-brave M
Bernadette German Bear brave F
Bernadine German Bear brave F
Bernard German Bear brave M
Bernardo German Bear brave M
Berne German Bear brave U
Bernie German Bear brave M
Dustin English brave warrior M
Dusty English variant of Dustin which means brave warrior M
Fernando Spanish Intelligent and brave M
Gallagher Gaelic Brave, valiant M
Hernan Spanish Intelligent and brave M
Kennard English Royal bravery M
Len German Brave lion M
lenny German Brave lion U
Maynard German Mighty and brave M

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