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Dog Names Meaning Beautiful

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Name Origin Meaning Gender
Adamma African Beautiful girl F
Angada Sanskrit With beautiful limbs M
Aoife Gaelic Beautiful F
Astrid Norse God + fair, beautiful F
Ayana African Beautiful blossom F
Ayanna African Beautiful blossom F
Beauregard French Beautiful gaze M
Belinda Latin Beautiful serpent F
Belle French Beautiful F
Belva Latin Beautiful view F
bindi Latin Beautiful serpent U
Calandra Greek Beautiful youth F
Calantha Greek Beautiful flower F
Calida Greek Most beautiful F
Calla Greek Beautiful F
Callie Greek Most beautiful F
Calliope Greek Beautiful voice F
Callista Greek The most beautiful F
Cavan Gaelic Beautiful at birth M
Fairfax English Beautiful hair M
Fiona Gaelic Fair, white, beautiful F
Hitomi Japanese Beautiful virtue F
Isolde Welsh Beautiful F
Jamila Arabic Beautiful F
Jellybean American kidney bean shaped confectionary food in various fruit flavors and beautiful colors. U

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