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Mascot Dog Names Part 2

Thinking to bring luck to an organization, we use mascot. It is any person, object, or animal that represents the organization to bring luck. A dog is a popular choice. Here are the mascot names with meaning and history.

This is the continuation of part 1. In this article, we will cover the following mascot dog names. The dog names of mascot are Jack the Bulldog, Jiggs, Jonathan, Mex, Nigger, Reveille, Smokey, Uga, and Zeke the Wonder Dog.

Jack the Bulldog which is another English Bulldog is the mascot of Georgetown University. The American Kernel Association registered Jack as John S. Carroll. And, Jack is the nickname. The real John Carroll was also the founder of the university. Jack is a Hebrew name which means God is gracious.

Jiggs, Chesty, and Smedley which are English Bulldogs are the mascot of the US Marine Corps in 1922. From 1930 to 1955, Jiggs and Smedley represented the task force. From 1955 and onwards, Chesty represented the task force.

Jonathan which is a Husky is the mascot of University of Connecticut. The mascot is named to honor of the first governor of Connecticut. He is Jonathan Trumbull. There is a costumed mascot and real live dog mascot. The costumed mascot is solid white Husky. Jonathan is a Hebrew dog name which means gift of God.

Mex is the original mascot of the University of Oklahoma from 1915 to 1928. Mex attends football and baseball games in a red sweater with big letter O. In 1914, Mex was adopted by Mott Keys. Mott works as a US Army Medic near the Mexico border. Later, Mott moved to Oklahoma and attended the university. Eventually, Mott landed a medic job to the football team. Then, the students quickly loved Mex as he goes along with Mott in the games.

Nigger which is a black Labrador Retriever is the mascot of The Dambusters. It is a Royal Air Force Aircraft Squadron of Scotland. During the Second World War, the squadron busts the dam in German. That is how the squadron got the name.

Reveille which is a Collie is the mascot of Texas University. The mascot is named Reveille to honor the five diamonds general. He helped the university during the Second World War. After the second Reveille, the mascot became a purebred American Collie. And, all the Reveille mascots are all females.

Smokey which is a Blue Tick Hound is the mascot of University of Tennessee. The university uses live and costumed version of the mascot. The costumed version mascot attends every single game. The costume is so good. Smokey won in many mascot championships.

Uga which is another English Bulldog is the mascot of the University of Georgia. Uga usually wears a spike collar and red jersey. The jersey is the same jersey of the sports teams. Because the breed is prone to heat stroke, Uga lays on an ice bag on games. During the games, Uga likes to play and lick children. Uga is an American dog name which means University of Georgia. The letter U stands for university, while the letter G stands for Georgia. And, the letter A is the last letter of Georgia.

Zeke the Wonder Dog which is a Labrador Retriever is the mascot of Michigan State University. During halftime on football games, Zeke wonderfully catches the Frisbee. Zeke performs the stage act from 1974 to 1984. Zeke is such a good receiver and catcher. After three years of retirement, Zeke passed away.

The English Bulldog are often the choice for the mascot in any organization. The breed may shows a side of friendly, fun, brave, mean, strong, and lovable nature. As you can see, the breed is versatile. Definitely, the dog mascot brings the significant luck to the organization.

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Mascot Dog Names Part 1

The mascot represents the universities, colleges, teams, groups, and businesses. The real meaning of mascot is any person, object, and animal that brings good luck. Often, the theme of mascot is a dog. Here are the mascot names with meaning and history.

In this article, we will cover the following mascot dog names. The dog names of mascot are Blitz, Blue, Brian Boru, Bully, Dubs, George Tirebiter, Handsome Dan, and Harvey the Hound.

Blitz which is a Boston Terrier is the mascot of the Wofford College. Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the college teaches liberal arts. Blitz is an American dog name which means intensive and fast attack.

Blue which is an English Bulldog is the mascot of the Butler University. Located in Indianapolis, Indian, the Butler University specializes in liberal arts. The university started as a Christian College. It grew to gain a university status. Blue is an English dog name which means the blue color.

Brian Boru which is an Irish Wolfhound is the mascot of the Royal Irish Regiment. Currently, the regiment is the only Irish infantry unit of the British Army. Brian is a name which means noble, strong, and virtuous.

Bully which is another English or British Bulldog is mascot of Mississippi State University. The university specializes in agriculture, horticulture, and mechanical arts. Bully is a name which short for bulldog. Bully also means like to dominate.

Dubs which is an Alaskan Malamute or Husky is the mascot of the University of Washington. Dubs is a real live mascot. The current mascot is actually the 13th of the university. In 2009, Dubs was voted the number 1 mascot of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

George Tirebiter is the unofficial and former mascot of University of South California in 1940. A group of students noticed a stray dog. It looked like the Navy V12 student named George Kuhns. The stray dog likes to chase cars to bite the tires. So, he got the name George Tirebiter. After biting the mascot of University of California Los Angeles, George gained in popularity and fans. George is a Greek dog name which means Earth worker.

Handsome Dan which is another English Bulldog is the mascot of the Yale University. Apparently, Handsome Dan is the first live mascot. In 1892, Graves bought an English Bulldog for sixty five dollars. After he washed the dog, he named the dog as Handsome Dan. Since Graves is a crew team of a football team, Yale students often see Handsome Dan. And, Handsome Dan quickly became the Yale mascot. Dan is a Hebrew dog name which means arbiter.

Harvey the Hound is the mascot of the Calgary Flames NHL team. Harvey the Hound was the first mascot of the NHL. And, the mascot was named after Harvey. He was drafted in the first round in 1983. He was six foot and six inches tall. And, he weights two hundred pounds. Harvey is an English name which means battle or carnage worthy.

The dogs in mascot is long list. We have broken the article into two parts. In the coming week, we will include more mascot dog names. As you had seen, the names had great history and meaning.

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Names of Rescue Dog

Dogs which are smart and brave are big part of search and rescue unit. Their heroic acts were recognized in museums, paintings, monuments, statues, memorials, and awards. Here are their heroic stories and names.

The good rescue dog with names and breed are Apollo (German Shepherd), Balto (Husky), Barry (Saint Bernard), Dakota (Pitbull), Dusty (Airedale Terrier), Gandalf (Shiloh Shepherd), Swansea Jack (Newfoundland), Togo (Siberian Husky), and Velvet (Labrador Retriever).

Apollo served on a K-9 search and rescue mission unit. The New York Police Department deploys the K-9 unit for search and rescue mission on September 11 attacks. The twin towers of World Trade Center collapsed after the airplanes crashed to the twin towers. Due to the heroism of Apollo, he earned the Dickin Medal. Apollo is a Greek dog name which means destroyer.

Balto is the lead dog of the final leg which relayed Diphtheria Antitoxin to the city of Nome in 1925. The city of Nome needed the serum to save the city from an epidemic. In just five and half days (674 miles), the dogs delivered the much needed serum. Balto is an English dog name which means God protects the King.

Barry rescued a total of forty lives from 1800 to 1814. Barry lived in monastery near the Italian and Swish border. The most famous rescue was the boy on an icy ledge. On one snowy day, a boy was stranded on an icy ledge. It was impossible for anybody to get to the icy ledge. Barry braves the danger to rescue the boy. Barry slowly crawled to the icy ledge. With the warm licks of Barry, the boy awakened. Then, Barry pulled the boy to safety. Barry is spear or marksman in Irish origin, and gate or fence in French origin.

Dakota worked on over one hundred search and rescue mission. He is such an outstanding at search and rescue. He was sent for search and rescue mission on Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The shuttle exploded in mid air above Texas. All the seven crew of shuttle lost their lives. Dakota is a Native American dog name which means friend or ally.

Dusty led the rescuers to a woman who fell off a cliff in a car. Unfortunately, she drove herself off the cliff of Oregon on October 22, 2007. Dusty is a variation of English name called Dustin. It means brave warrior.

Gandalf led rescuers to a boy scout named Michael Auberry. He got lost in March of 2007. Gandalf is another English dog name which means wand elf.

Swansea Jack literally lived in Swansea, Wales. To be exact, Jack lived on a dock near River Tawe. As a Newfoundland breed, Jack is naturally strong and huge. And, the breed likes to rescue someone who gets difficulty in water. So, Jack was known to rescue someone out of water. With numerous rescues, Jack earned numerous awards. Jack is a Hebrew dog name which means God is gracious.

Togo worked with Balto to deliver Diphtheria Antitoxin to the city of Nome in 1925. However, Togo is the lead dog on the longest track. Togo is derived from an African country name.

Velvet ascended with eight mountain climbers at Mount Hood. Sadly, a big storm toppled off three climbers and Velvet. They had fallen 8,300 feet off the ledge. In the meantime, the other five climbers were able to call for help. However, the rescue team were forced to call off the mission as the storm worsens. Meanwhile, Velvet warms up the climbers from one climber to another climber thru out the night. Finally, the search and rescue team were able to get them as the storm eases. Velvet is a dog name that pertains to the shine and texture of short hair fur.

Using the natural animal instincts, the dogs rescue and save human lives. To humans, the search and rescue is all work and business. To dogs, the search and rescue is all play. They brave the danger to save countless lives.

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Names of the Worlds Ugliest Dog

An annual contest is held at Petaluma, California. It is a contest of the ugliest dog in the world. The contest started from 2000. Here is the list of the dog names with meaning, and breed.

The good dog names of the ugliest dog are Nana (2000 and 2001), Rascal (2002), Sam (2003, 2004, and 2005), Archie (2006), and Elwood (2007), Gus (2008), and Pabst (2009).

In 2000 and 2001, Nana won the competition. We could not tell the breed of Nana. So, Nana is probably a mix breed. Sadly, Nana passed away after he won the 2001 contest. The name was found in several origins. The dog name means different (Sanskrit origin), and grandmother (English origin). In Hawaiian, the name has dual meaning. It means the name of spring month and star.

In 2002, Rascal won the Ugliest Dog Contest. Rascal got the ugliest trait from Chichi. Rascal is actually the son of Chichi who won eight titles in the past and recorded in Guinness Book of World Records. Definitely, the record is hard to top. Chichi means very smart, elegant, stylish, or sophisticated.

In 2003, 2004, and 2005, Sam won the coveted titles. It is an amazing accomplishment. The only thing that stopped Sam from winning was death. Sam passed away on November of 2005. The dog breed of Sam is Chinese Crested Dog. Sam is short variation of Samuel or Samson. Samuel means his name is God. And, Samson means the sun.

In 2006, Archie was the official winner of the coveted title. However, there is a little bit of controversy. According to Vicki DeArmon, she speculates somebody deleted electronic internet votes from Peewee and Victoria. Vicki DeArmon is the Fair Marketing Director. She said that somebody hacked in the system. The hacker deleted 40,000 Peewee votes and 30,000 Victoria votes. Victoria is a Latin dog name which means victory, winner, or conqueror.

Peewee made a run for the title. Especially, Sam who was the former winner gave birth to an ugly puppy called Peewee. Thus, the ugly trait runs on the family. Peewee is an English dog name which means extremely small.

In 2007, Elwood finally took over the reign of the ugliest dog. Elwood was a mixed breed of Chinese Crested and Chihuahua. In the previous years, Elwood was runner up. Finally, Elwood won in 2007. Chinese Crested is known for being hairless. Its degree varies from dog to dog. Meanwhile, Rascal won another ugliest title on another contest of the West Coast. Elwood and Rascal are English dog names. Elwood means old noble wood, while Rascal means playful and mischievous.

In 2008, another Chinese Crested breed won the title called Gus. The name is variation of Augustus or Augustine which is Latin origin. The name means worthy of respect. On another contest, Rascal won another title called Oldest Ugly Dog title at Fort Bragg, California. On the same year, Rascal won Ugly Dog Contest at Highland. Unfortunately, Gus at nine years old passed away on November 10, 2008.

In 2009, Pabst beats Rascal for the coveted title. However, Rascal won the Regal Cinemas Ugly Dog Contest at Florida. Currently, Rascal has the second most title. However, Chichi is still on the top spot. Pabst is a Boxer Mix Breed with three inch under bite, short dark brown fur, scary eyes, and grumpy lips. The dog name came from German origin which means pope.

Usually, the best breed for the contest is the Chinese Crested. Its hairlessness varies from dog to dog. And, the breed can manifest ugly attributes such huge eyes and long tongue. In spite of the ugly attributes, the dog still finds a home. It is good to know that we see beauty in them. And, the ugly is beautiful. They are definitely ugly, but names are definitely cute dog names.

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