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Names for Dark Brown Dog

In this article, you will learn the pretty, cute, and good names for dark brown dog. It is also known as chocolate color dog. Additional, you will find out the different breeds for chocolate color dog.

The breed that may come in solid dark brown or chocolate color fur are Boykin Spaniel, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Chihuahua, Chinese Chongqing, Dachshund, Field Spaniel, Irish Setter, Labrador, Mexican Hairless, Pekepoo, Plott Hound, Poodle, Sussex Spaniel, and Weimardoodle.

Since dark brown is pretty close to the color of chocolate, Chocolate is a good name for dogs. Chocolat, Chocco, Choco, and Chocie are variations of the name. Chocolat is French for chocolate, while Chocco, Choco, Chocie are short variations of the name. So, Chocolate, Chocolat, Chocco, and Chocie are good dog names that are perfect for dark brown color dog.

The brand names of the chocolate also fit the beautiful dog breeds. For example, Aero, Cadbury, Hershey, Kit Kat, Reese, Rolo, Twix, and Toblerone are excellent brand names for dog. Tobby and Toby may be good short variations of Toblerone.

With chocolate, we can make delicious brownie and mocha. Brownie is delicious baked cake which is made of chocolate. Additionally, there is chocolate glazed and nuts on top of the cake. After, the cake is nice and appetizing dark brown cake.

With chocolate and coffee, we can make a refreshing mocha. It is a beverage made of chocolate and coffee. Thus, Brownie, Brown, Browny, Cocoa, Cocoa Beans, Coffee, Coffee Beans, Mocha and Mocca are excellent English dog names which relates to chocolate and coffee. Brown and Browny are variations of Brownie, while Mocca is creative variations of Mocha. We put Cocoa and Cocoa Beans in the list, because chocolate came from cocoa beans.

The coffee on soft drinks turns the drink into dark brown color. The dog owners who like soft drinks turn to the name of soft drinks for dog name. So far, Root Beer, Coke, Coca, and Cola were used as dog names. Coca and Cola are variations of Coke.

Beside the soft drinks, the hard drink names made its way as names for dark brown dog. The hard drinks are distilled water which contains alcohol. Hard drinks can be made from variety of food and fruit like molasses, sugarcane, malt, and more. Brandy, Whiskey, Rum, and Kahlua are names that are hard drinks in dark brown color. You can add Molasses to the list, because Molasses sounds pretty as dog names.

Some nuts are also dark brown color. That is why nuts are also names for dark brown dog. For example, Almond, Chestnut, and Hazel are names of nuts which are cute dog names.

Cinnamon, Wood, Woody, and Mahogany are names which relate to color of wood. Numerous wood are dark brown color. The most popular is Mahogany. We often see Mahogany as hard wood in many homes. Lastly, Cinnamon is a spice from bark of tree.

Bronze, Copper, and Penny are names which are coined from metal. Bronze and Copper are dark brown metals. With bronze, we can make a nice shiny penny. Hence, Penny is also a name.

Finally, Nutmeg, Nutella, and Rusty are pretty names. They are food and things that are dark brown.

As you have read, the article includes the names which are pretty, cute, and good for dark brown dog. We have numerous names. We hope that you like the names. Feel free to submit any names to your favourite website. So, websites can include the names for dark brown dog.

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Names for Black and White Dog

Several pure breeds only grow black with white markings fur or versa. We will look at the breeds to find the most appropriate dog names. Here are some ideas for the remarkable and beautiful breeds.

The breeds that may grow only black and white fur are Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Dalmatian, Karelian Bear Dog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Polish Owczarek Nizinny, and Portuguese Water Dog.

Bandit, Batman, Butler, Checkers, Dominos, Ninja, Oreo, Panda, Punisher, Superman, Tux, Tuxedo, Zebra, Zorro are possible best dog names which relates to black and white dog.

Panda and Zebra may also be good dog names, because the breed mimics the black and white markings of Panda and Zebra. The names may sound a little strange to call the dog as Panda and Zebra at first, because a dog is also another kind of animal.

Bandit is perfect name for predominant white face with black marks. It is like the breed is wearing a black mask. For example, Border Collie and Bull Terrier may have white face with black marks.

Checkers and Dominos are one of the classic games. Since the tiles or boards of the game are black and white, several owners use Checkers and Dominos as cute dog names. Traditionally, the Checkers are played in black and white checker board.

In Dominos, the players use rectangle tiles in white or black. If the tile is white, black spots appear on tile. If the tile is black, white spot appears on the tile.

Like the domino set, the Dalmatian grows majority white with black spots fur all over. That is why owners like the name to relate to spot. For example, Spot, Spotty, and Spot Fletcher are excellent English dog names for Dalmatian breed. The Former President George W. Bush named his English Springer Spaniel as Spot Fletcher. He coined the name from Scott Fletcher who was a professional baseball player.

A Ninja wears black or white suit. Therefore, Ninja can be an excellent name. Ninjas are expert in Ninjitsu which is Japanese martial arts. Often, Ninjas were paid to sabotage and espionage.

In formal event, men usually wears black suit called Tux or Tuxedo. Behind the Tuxedo, the men usually wear a white shirt. Thus, Tux and Tuxedo are options for names.

Butler often wears black Tuxedo and white shirt as a uniform. Butler is a male servant of a house. He may be in charge of several servants.

Hancock, Punisher, and Zorro are brave dog names which are the names of superheroes. They were black and white suit to hide their identities. Sometimes, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman wears black and white suit as well. Hancock is a superhero who possesses a super strength, immortal life, and flying ability. He losses his powers when he gets too close to his immortal wife.

Punisher is a vigilante superhero who kills, kidnaps, extorts, forces, and tortures as a tactics to fight crime. He became vigilante when gangs killed his family. With martial arts, sneaky tactics, guerrilla warfare, and strong firearms, he single-handedly fights the mobs and criminals.

Zorro is an outlaw who uses the sword to depend the people from abusive officials and villains. Zorro wears mostly black except for white long sleeve shirt. The hat, mask, pants, belt, boots, gloves, and cape are black. Nowadays, he wears black long sleeve shirt instead of white long sleeve shirt. He rides a black horse named Tornado.

Finally, Oreo is delicious snack which is a two black cookie with white cream in the middle. By dipping the snack in milk, the cookie softens, dissolves, and melts faster in your mouth.

These are great name ideas for black and white dog. We continue to gather and create name ideas for the breed. If you have name ideas, feel free to suggest. We will try our best to add in our database.

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Names for White Dog

With the absence of fur color pigmentation, the dog produces white fur. There are many breed in white color. Here are names that relates to the white coat color breed.

The breeds that may come with pure white fur are American Eskimo Dog, Argentine Dogo, Bischon Frise, Bolognese, Clumber Spaniel, Coton De Tulear, Eskapoo, Great Pyrenees, Kishu Ken, Komondor, Maltese, Maremma Sheepdog, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Poodle, and Samoyed.

Rarely, the breed that is not usually white comes as white. For example, German Shepherd may come as white. Canadian and American Kernel Club still classify the breed as German Shepherd. However, it is disqualified in a Breed Shows. As for Universal Kernel Club, the club classifies the breed as Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

The whitest name of all is White. Since the dog is so white, the owners often give Whitey as a name. To be creative and fun, you can also translate white to another origin. For example, Albus (Latin), Arjun (Indian), Bianca (Italian), Blanca (Spanish), Blanche (French), Gaenor (Welsch), Gauri (Sanskrit), and Skah (Native American) are dog names which mean white.

Albus is Latin for white. It is perfect the breed with Tyrosinase. It is a gene that causes Albinism in mice, cats, people, rats, and so on. Besides the fur, the nose and eye lids are white. Since there is no pigmentation in the eyes, it is blue in color. Albinism is normal. The breed is not defective at all. It can see pretty well. Anyways, Albin, Albina, and Albinka are the Latin variants of the name.

Bellanca, Bianca, Byanca, Branca, and Blanka are female dog names that are variations of Blanca. Blanca is Spanish name which means white. The male counterpart of Blanca is Blanco. The only variant that we can find for Blanco is Bianco.

With the presence of a small amount of pigmentation, the white fur turns to cream color. So, the names which relate to cream fit as the name. For example, Creamo, Creamy, Vanilla, and Pudding sound cute and pretty dog names.

Some owners opt to match the energetic and speedy attributes. Electric, Electricity, Bolt, Lightning, Spark, and Sparky are some examples names for energetic and speedy breed. Dogs have so much energy. They love to run and play. Nobody has really seen electricity. However, we automatically view electric as white.

Light are naturally white and clear. Any names that relate to light sound good. From the Sanskrit origin, several names mean light. For example, Deepika, Jyoti, and Shri mean light. In other origin, the choices are Luce (Latin), Luz (Spanish), Ora (Hebrew), Nellie (Greek), and Svetlana (Russian). Luce has the most variations. Lucero, Lucia, Lucio, Lucian, Luciano, Lucie, Lucien, Lucille, Lucine, Lucius, and Lucy are variations of Luce.

The dog breed from northern countries seems to develop white fur. Probably, the breed needs to blend to snow and ice in order to catch prey. Therefore, several owners choose the beautiful snowy cities of northern countries like Juneau (City in Alaska) and Yukon (City of Canada) as a name.

Snow and Snowy are also good dog names for white dog. By translating to other origin, we can produce unique dog names. For example, Nieve (Spanish), Yepa (Native American), and Yuki (Japanese) are names which mean snow. Names that relate to ice are also a great choice. For example, Ice, Ice Berg, and Slush relate to ice.

The names can also match the soft and fluffy nature of white fur. For example, Cloud, Cotton, and Misty represent the soft and fluffy white fur. Especially in summer, the white cloud beautifully hangs on the blue sky. The clouds look soft and comfortable. In reality, the clouds are tiny droplets of water like a mist.

There are many more names for white dog. We can go on and on to create unique dog names, because there are many inspirations. We created names from color, light, snow, electricity, and texture.

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Dog Names of American Presidents Part 2

This is the continuation of Part 1 in which it contains the dogs from President Barrack Obama to President Lyndon B. Johnson. In Part 2, we will see dogs from President John F. Kennedy to President George Washington. Some American Presidents owned as many as twelve.

President John F. Kennedy, who served as the 35th president from 1961 to 1963, used to own the first dogs namely Blackie, Charlie, Clipper, Pushinka, Shannon, Streaker, White Tips, and Wolf. Charlie and Pushinka were a Welsh Terrier. Pushinka was a gift from Soviet Premier Krushev as a sign of friendship. Among the first dogs, Charlie was his favorite. Charlie would nibble on the White House lawn as the gardeners work on the lawn. Shannon is also a gift from the Prime Minister of Ireland. Shannon was an Irish Cocker Spaniel. Clipper is a German Shepherd, whereas Wolf is an Irish Wolfhound. The rest are Terriers. The first dogs greeted the president as he came to the White House in a presidential helicopter.

President Dwight D Eisenhower, who served as the 34th president from 1953 to 1961, owned the first dog namely Heidi. She was from breed of Weimaramer. The origin of the dog name is German. Heidi means noble one.

President Harry S. Truman, who served as the 33rd president from 1945 to 1953, owned the first dogs namely Feller and Mike. Feller is from breed of Mongrel, while Mike is from the breed of Irish Setter.

President Franklin D Roosevelt, who served as the 32nd president from 1933 to 1945, owned the first dogs namely Major (German Shepherd), Meggie (Scottish Terrier), Fala (Scottish Terrier), Winks (Llewellyn Setter), Tiny (English Sheepdog), President (Great Dane), and Blaze (Mastiff). Fala is the most famous from all. Fala starred in the movie, received an honor, and depicted in a memorial. Fala is a Native American dog name which means crow.

President Herbert Hoover, who served as the 31st president from 1929 to 1933, owned nine dogs namely King Tut (Police Dog), Pat (Police Dog), Big Ben (Fox Terrier), Sonnie (Fox Terrier), Glen (Scottish Collie), Yukon (Husky), Patrick (Wolfhound), Eaglehurst Gillete (Setter), and Weejie (Elkhound).

President Calvin Coolidge, who served as the 30th president from 1923 to 1929, owned twelve dogs namely Peter Pan (Terrier), Ladie Buck (Airedale), Oshkosh (Collie), Prudence Primm (Collie), Calamity Jane (Shetland Sheepdog), Tiny Tim (Chow), Blackberry (Chow), Ruby Rough (Collie), Bessie (Collie), Boston Beans (Bulldog), King Kole (Police Dog), and Palo Alto (Bird Dog).

President Warren Harding, who served as the 29th president from 1921 to 1923, owned two dogs namely Laddie Boy and Oh Boy. Both are from breed of Airedale. In cabinet meetings, Laddie Boy had a chair to sit on. It is like Laddie Boy is one of the cabinet members.

President Theodore Roosevelt, who served as the 26th president from 1901 to 1909, owned five dogs namely Pete (Pitbull Terrier), Sailor Boy (Chesapeake Retriever), Jack (Terrier), Skip (Mongrel), and Manchu (Pekingese). Pete means stone in Greek, while Jack means gracious God in Hebrew. Manchu is the inhabitants of Manchuria. Since Pekingese is a Chinese breed, the President uses Manchu as the name. It is unfortunate for Pete. He bit too many people. As a result, Pete was taken off from the White House.

President Rutherford Hayes, who served as the 19th president from 1877 to 1881, owned four dogs namely Duke (English Mastiff), Hector (German Shepherd), Nellie (German Shepherd), and Grim (Greyhound). The meaning of dog names is leader in Latin, steadfast in Greek, and light in Greek respectively. Nely, Nelie, Nelly, and Nel are some of the variants of Nellie.

President Abraham Lincoln, who served as the 16th president from 1861 to 1865, owned two dogs namely Fido and Jip. The breed of Fido is unknown. Fido is name which is a form of Fidel. It means faithful.

President George Washington, who served as the 1st president from 1789 to 1797, owned ten dogs namely Mopsey, Taster, Cloe, Tipler, Forester, Captain, Lady Rover, Vulcan, Sweetlips, and Searcher. They are all from the breed of Hound. The names are mostly English. We can skip the names. Cloe came from Khloe. It is Greek for blooming. And, Vulcan is the God of fire in Italian Mythology. Mopsey may sound a little strange. The name means untidy.

We give the dog our spare time, but the dog gives all the time to us. It is no wonder that American Presidents live with the friendly pet to the White House. Some American Presidents brought as many as twelve.


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