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Food in Dog Names

We all have to eat. And, we love to eat delicious, colorful, delightful, and appetizing food. It is easy to name the dog from the name of the food. There are many cute and pretty food names for dogs. Here are some popular food names as dog names.

The color in food increases the appetite for food. After you added the ingredients and presented the food, you can see the vibrant of color from the food. It is no wonder that we sometimes base the dog names from the color of the food.

The common colors between food and dog are orange, black, brown, white, and light brown. The popular foods with orange color are almond, apple, caramel, honey, and marmalade. Thus, the dog owners like to use the above food for dog names.

Almonds are nuts with woody orange surface. And, apple comes in green, yellow, orange, red or mix. With an apple a day, the fruit lowers many health problems. By heating sugar, the sugar melts to form the caramel. The color ranges between light orange and dark brown. Next, the honey is sweet flower nectar from honey bees. Finally, the marmalade is preserved food from citrus fruits. That is why most marmalade is orange in color.

Most dog breeds can come in various colors, but some pure dog breed just come in specific colors. For example, Doberman, German Shepherd, and Pit Bull are usually black. Cinnamon Bun is baked bread with white sugar glazed. The bread may turn to orange and black. Therefore, Cinnamon is a cute dog names for German Shepherd and Pit Bull.

An alternative name is coffee. It is a beverage from Arabica beans. When you mix coffee and frothy milk with cinnamon sprinkles, the coffee turns to beige or light brown. It is more commonly known as Cappuccino. Now, we can apply Cappuccino to another breed. Let us say Labrador and Golden Retriever.

The Border Collie and Dalmatians are usually black and white fur. Dalmatians are tall and slender white dog with black spots, while Border Collie is breed to herd with black and white fur. Naturally, Oreo can be pretty dog names for the breed. Oreo are two black crispy cookies with white cream in the middle.

Brown is the next popular color for dogs. Brown foods are Brownie, Biscuit, Muffin, Cupcake, and Chocolate. Apparently, it is just an adorable name. Brownie is chocolate cake which is top with chocolate glazed and crushed nuts. Muffin and Cupcake is also dog names meaning cake. It is in smaller portions in a small and thin paper cups. Chocolate which is one of favorite comfort food and snacks are confections from cacao.

White is another popular color for dogs. Many dogs are just plain white. The suggestions are sugar and marshmallow. Sugar is a sweetener which is derived from sugar cane. On the other hand, the marshmallow is a soft and spongy confection. It is usually white. Marshmallow is perfect for white Poodle, and Pomeranian

The attribute of food may resemble the dog. For example, the wrinkle of ginger skin may resemble the face of a Mastiff or Shar Pei. Hence, some dogs are called Ginger. The drumstick may look similar of a short fur dog. For example, the back legs of a puppy are small and cute. The leg is almost the size of a chicken drumstick.

Dogs may have favorite food. For example, dog may like biscuits, cookie, and muffin. Since the dog likes the food so much, we may call the dog Biscuits, Cookie, or Muffin.

Food is one of the great places to find inspiration for dog names. Food may have cute attribute that reminds us of our dog. It may be the taste, smell, color, texture, history, and origin. It is all fun.

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Things to Avoid for Dog Names

For thousands of years, the dogs have been with us. On the process, we have developed bad, terrible, and horrible dog names. There are many bad names that you can make a long list. Here are some possible bad ideas.

Some dog owners like to avoid most popular names. The dogs are social animal. They like to be in a pack. When you want to call your dog, you might get more than what you expect. If there are duplicate names, you may get one or few more dogs. In addition, there may be several dog owners. They want to call their dogs. Your dog can easily get confused.

You will be able to find websites to find popular names that was used and recorded. In many cases, the names was ranked and reviewed by other fellow dog owners. The top five male dog names are Max, Bear, Buddy, Rocky, and Buster, while the top female dog names are Lady, Princess, Baby, Star, and Lucy.

The commands that you are going to train to your dog are also worth to consider. Dogs will get confuse between command and name. It will be hard for the dogs to distinguish. It is up to the dog to obey and come to you. Here are popular commands: stay, sit, lay, jump, run, walk, play, eat, bark, bite, heel, and sleep.

You need to careful with names which is very similar to the commands. If the name rhymes with the command, the name may be bad as well. For example, Pitt, Pit, Bit, Fit, and Grit sounds very close to the command sit. Another, Ray, Mae, Jay, and May sounds similar with the command lay or stay. Barky and Barkley does not rhyme with the command bark, but the names are very close in spelling.

The dog name represents the dog and owners. If the name symbolizes negative, we may feel negative to the dog and owners. The negative emotions and feelings for the name may transfer to the dog owners. Suddenly, the dog owners may feel negative.

For example, a dog owner may use Killer, and Butcher as dog name. It is not too bad as a name. It is actually symbolizes strength, power, influence, and brave dog names. However, somebody may feel fearful from the dog. And, they might avoid socializing with the friendly dogs.

Choose a dog name which is easy for the dog to recognize. The dogs may have an enhance sense of hearing, but the dog owner may have to call the dog a few times in order to get the attention of the dog. We can choose multiple syllable dog names to make the name easy for dogs. For example, Fido, Cooper, and Angel are multiple syllables.

Many food names have become dog names. Sometimes, it does not take much to confuse between food and name. You can be the judge. For example, Bean, Apple, Bagel, Muffin, and Candy are name of a food. As you can see, the name of food can easily be a name.

To name a dog is one of the fun parts when you adopt or own a dog. There are many dog names. And, there may never be a bad or terrible name. It all depends in our preferences. Each dog owner may have different parameters for a bad dog names.

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Dog Breeds with Names

The dog evolved from the grey wolf. And, there are many dog breeds that were created in the process. We breed the dogs according to our needs. The most popular are sport, toy, terrier, hound, shepherd, pulling, rescue, and guide dog breeds. Here are some examples with dog names.

Sports are play time for dogs. It tests the wit, and agility on various breeds. Dog sports are entertaining to watch. Often, the media covers the sporting events. The most popular are Frisbee Dog, Long Jump, Hurdles, Dock Jumping, Rally Obedience, and Sheep Trials.

The terriers are small dogs that fit into tiny and cramp places. The dogs are trained to enter dens and burrows to hunt for rodents, game, and pests. The dogs need good eyesight for dark burrows, and dens. And, the dog claws are meant to dig to go in the dens and burrows. There are over twenty seven terrier dog breed like Border, Scottish, and Wire Fox Terrier.

The hounds are bred for hunting. The nose can picks up and follow the scents from far away. Many hound dogs are working dogs. They work at law enforcement to pick up the scent of narcotics. The Greyhound which is thinner, leaner, and taller can run so fast. Dalmatians may fall under the hound group. It is characterize by short white fur and black spots. Thus, a good dog names for Dalmatians are Spot, or Spotty.

The two common shepherd dogs are German shepherd and Border collie. German shepherd is a strong, loyal, and intelligent breed of dog with strong sense of smell and hearing. Often, law enforcement employs the breed. Since the fur is typically orange and black, Cinnamon is a popular dog name. After you baked the Cinnamon, it is usually color orange and black with white glaze.

German shepherd is a breed of dog with German origin. German shepherd breed started at around 1890. So, it is basically a new breed. Even though breed is new, it is one of the most popular breed of dog.

Border collie is mid-sized dog with white and black fur. Border collie is great in open space like the farm as the dogs likes to run. Farmers often use the dogs to herd sheep. Farmers trained the dog to go in any direction with a simply blow of a whistle. White and black fur covers the head that may resemble a bandit look. Hence, many dog owners select Bandit as the dog name.

The Siberian dogs were imported to Alaska during the 1908. Today, the dog evolved to Alaskan husky. It is full of stamina, endurance, strength, and speed. On sled dog competition, Alaskan husky is a popular choice. The dogs can efficiently pull the sled even in cold winter climate.

When we are hit with a strong earthquake, the quake may bring down a few buildings. In the rumble, a rescue team may use dogs to find survivor. Dog uses the amazing sense of smell, and hearing. Dogs in the hound family group have excellent sense of smell. Also, dogs are good swimmer. Some are trained to rescue the drowning victim. There are numerous records of dog that saves somebody from floods, storms, river, or any body of water.

Guide dogs help navigate the dog handler with poor vision or blind. If there are obstacles, the dogs direct the dog handler to get around the obstacles. The golden retrievers, Labradors, and German shepherd are most likely choice for the task.

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History of Dogs

The dogs which are also known as best friend of man plays an important part in our society today. A great number of people own a dog as pet. The history of dogs goes back thousands of years.

By matching the DNA of dogs with grey wolves, we can conclude the origin of dogs. So, the dogs most probably came from the grey wolves. In fact, the genetic structure of dogs and wolves are ninety nine percent the same. There are many wolves like behaviors in dogs. For example, the dogs sometimes howl like the wolves. Dogs also like to chase preys like mouse, birds, squirrel, and cats. Another, dogs are social animals. They like to work as a team or pack. And, they would submit and follow the leader of the pack. Finally, dogs will naturally protect and mark the territory like the wolves.

At the beginning, the man hunts for food. The man is probably one of the best hunters. Like the man, the wolves are great hunters. Wolves are strong, agile, and smart. And, the wolves may work as a team like the man. He must have seen the potential of the wolves. Between ten thousands and fifteen thousands years ago, the man probably adapted a wolf cub. It is probably abandoned or orphaned. Since the wolf cub grew up with master, it became a tamer wolf.

Even though the wolf cub may grow up with master, there is a big chance to go back to the wild characteristics. We must have eliminated the aggressive breed. This is known as selective breeding.

At around 9,000 years ago, we have domesticated the livestock. We use the dogs as guardians, and protectors of the live stocks. In fact, there are drawings and paintings on the wall caves from 4,500 years BC. The dogs worked with men.

About 8,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians adapted the Saluki. It is probably one of the oldest breed that is recorded in history. The dogs were used in hunting. Saluki is an ancient Egyptians dog name which means noble. Saluki resembles a greyhound breed. It is lean and fast. It is a popular breed in ancient Egypt. By 5,000 years BC, the Afghan, Basenji, Dalmatians, Ibizan, Pharaoh, and Saluki were well established dog breed in ancient Egypt.

Although the dogs work with men, the Moslems and Jews consider the dog as unclean with the exception of Saluki. Moslems and Jews refuse to eat any catch if the food came from hunting with the dogs. Anybody should have reason to refuse. Dogs have rabies. It is a big problem during the ancient times.

Around 5th Century, the Greeks used fifty dogs to guard the fortress of Corinth. It was attacked. And, the dogs tremendously helped defend the fortress. In honor, the dogs were given silver collar and life pension.

After, the Romans rise to power. The Romans has become a powerful empire. They traveled across Europe. As they travelled, the dogs came along. The dogs breed with the local dogs. However, the Roman Empire did not last. After the fall of the empire, the dogs became unimportant. Many dogs were abandoned. The lost dogs formed a group or pack. And, they attacked the towns.

The Monasteries who breed the dogs for selective few saved the dogs. The dogs became expensive. Only the rich, wealthy, noblemen, priests, and parishioners can afford to own a dog. The dogs were so abundant at church that the dogs served as foot warmers for the priests.

Today, there are many breeds of dogs like sport, toy, terrier, hound, shepherd, pulling, and rescuing dogs. We breed the dog as how the dogs can be useful to us. We can train the dogs to do neat tricks and tasks.
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