Names for White Dog

With the absence of fur color pigmentation, the dog produces white fur. There are many breed in white color. Here are names that relates to the white coat color breed.

The breeds that may come with pure white fur are American Eskimo Dog, Argentine Dogo, Bischon Frise, Bolognese, Clumber Spaniel, Coton De Tulear, Eskapoo, Great Pyrenees, Kishu Ken, Komondor, Maltese, Maremma Sheepdog, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Poodle, and Samoyed.

Rarely, the breed that is not usually white comes as white. For example, German Shepherd may come as white. Canadian and American Kernel Club still classify the breed as German Shepherd. However, it is disqualified in a Breed Shows. As for Universal Kernel Club, the club classifies the breed as Berger Blanc Suisse or White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

The whitest name of all is White. Since the dog is so white, the owners often give Whitey as a name. To be creative and fun, you can also translate white to another origin. For example, Albus (Latin), Arjun (Indian), Bianca (Italian), Blanca (Spanish), Blanche (French), Gaenor (Welsch), Gauri (Sanskrit), and Skah (Native American) are dog names which mean white.

Albus is Latin for white. It is perfect the breed with Tyrosinase. It is a gene that causes Albinism in mice, cats, people, rats, and so on. Besides the fur, the nose and eye lids are white. Since there is no pigmentation in the eyes, it is blue in color. Albinism is normal. The breed is not defective at all. It can see pretty well. Anyways, Albin, Albina, and Albinka are the Latin variants of the name.

Bellanca, Bianca, Byanca, Branca, and Blanka are female dog names that are variations of Blanca. Blanca is Spanish name which means white. The male counterpart of Blanca is Blanco. The only variant that we can find for Blanco is Bianco.

With the presence of a small amount of pigmentation, the white fur turns to cream color. So, the names which relate to cream fit as the name. For example, Creamo, Creamy, Vanilla, and Pudding sound cute and pretty dog names.

Some owners opt to match the energetic and speedy attributes. Electric, Electricity, Bolt, Lightning, Spark, and Sparky are some examples names for energetic and speedy breed. Dogs have so much energy. They love to run and play. Nobody has really seen electricity. However, we automatically view electric as white.

Light are naturally white and clear. Any names that relate to light sound good. From the Sanskrit origin, several names mean light. For example, Deepika, Jyoti, and Shri mean light. In other origin, the choices are Luce (Latin), Luz (Spanish), Ora (Hebrew), Nellie (Greek), and Svetlana (Russian). Luce has the most variations. Lucero, Lucia, Lucio, Lucian, Luciano, Lucie, Lucien, Lucille, Lucine, Lucius, and Lucy are variations of Luce.

The dog breed from northern countries seems to develop white fur. Probably, the breed needs to blend to snow and ice in order to catch prey. Therefore, several owners choose the beautiful snowy cities of northern countries like Juneau (City in Alaska) and Yukon (City of Canada) as a name.

Snow and Snowy are also good dog names for white dog. By translating to other origin, we can produce unique dog names. For example, Nieve (Spanish), Yepa (Native American), and Yuki (Japanese) are names which mean snow. Names that relate to ice are also a great choice. For example, Ice, Ice Berg, and Slush relate to ice.

The names can also match the soft and fluffy nature of white fur. For example, Cloud, Cotton, and Misty represent the soft and fluffy white fur. Especially in summer, the white cloud beautifully hangs on the blue sky. The clouds look soft and comfortable. In reality, the clouds are tiny droplets of water like a mist.

There are many more names for white dog. We can go on and on to create unique dog names, because there are many inspirations. We created names from color, light, snow, electricity, and texture.